Buffalo, New York
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The Fuccillo Car Dealership ads in Buffalo, New York have got to be a joke. There is this egotistical owner named Billy with do-it-yourself Badvertising in which he is the star in a "look at me" way and you are obviously his next revenue target.

This guy is a legend in his own mind and the ad agency must have a field day with him, telling him how wonderful he is (wink, wink) then charging him up the *** for the worst ads you've ever seen. The television and radio can't be turned off or changed to another station fast enough when these terrible ads come on in the household. Doesn't this guy get it - he's oversaturating (and overpaying) for these ineffective ads. The reason they probably run so much is that he's stuck in a long term contract for them (sucker's deal) or he loves himself so much that it's worth the price of thinking he is Mr.

Big (but he's not). I would never buy anything from this place based on these bad ads alone. Other Badvertisers in the area are Cellino and Barnes insurance, and this guy from a airport jewelers selling gold from a little kiosk, who seems to finally have learned his lesson and stopped Badvertising so much either because he realized it doesn't work or people were so sick of his ads (bar chatter) that he finally stopped doing it.

Less is more when it comes to getting out your message, but don't tell that to the ad agency that keeps wanting to string these suckers along (now you need a woman in the ad, now you need a minority, and so on). Just stop these annoying ads already!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Fuccillo Automotive Group Cons: Those incredibly awful ads.

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Billy got off the air while trying to slim down, but it doesn't work. Still a big blowhard trying to loudmouth his way into your private space on television.

Very annoying, and I turn off the television as soon as this guy appears.

Just get off the air already - you are turning off potential customers!!! If you have to advertise, use good looking actors who talk intelligently and seem like nice people.